1 – Can a Tooth Fairy trainee with ADHD ever earn his own silver bag and become an official Tooth Fairy?

2 – Tired of being kept awake by a zoo-shaking noise, Monkey, Lion & his friends band together to find the cause. When they do find the surprising culprit, they demonstrate acceptance and caring.

3 – What’s a dinosaur supposed to do when his imaginary human friend gets him into mischief throughout the day?

4 – Charles Fowl the Third didn’t fit in.  He goes on an adventure involving a plane, submarine and motorcycle to find others like him.

5 – Gray, a car  has an important job, to keep his family safe. As he watches them grow up, he always stays true to his important job: to keep his family safe.

6 – A trio of Dragon stories:

A – What can dragons possibly do all year long? Join Scales and his human friend, Casey as they explore all the fun activities that dragons enjoy. Will one season become his favorite?

B – Dragons are fierce creatures. They breathe fire and aren’t afraid of anything. Then, there’s Scales. A young dragon, he fears going to the barber shop and does everything he can to avoid it.

C – Scales is left out when his human friend goes camping with her scout troop. When a storm comes up he flies to join the scouts.